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All you need to know about the Difference Between General English and Business English

Business English and general English are very different. Many special terminologies are used in business English while General English has less use of terminologies. Also the purposes of the two differ and so does the tonality. It is important for everyone to learn Business English and for that they…

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Importance of having great listening skills

As the saying goes that listening is more important than speaking and thus it is critical that you actively listen to the person you are having conversation with as you will learn a lot and also will develop a win-win relationship with the person.

These are certain reasons why listening skill are…

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Spoken English vs Written English- basic differences one must know

There are many differences between spoken English and written English which include tonality, slang usage, body language, formality and many more.

The two are different but interrelated and thus is a good idea to have prowess and excel in both as they are both useful and necessary in their many …

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Some effective tips to learn a language by Yourself

It is definitely a challenge learning a new language. But the learning experiencing can be fun and exciting too.

These are some tips on learning a language by yourself: -



The internet is the best place to start if you want to learn a new language. Yo…

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How to prepare yourself for the new Learning

For learning anything new you need to leave aside all your prejudices and preconceived notions and have to look at the subject with a receptive mind and fresh eyes.

Also you need to be open to the learning and empty the cup of your mind which is overflowing with past knowledge and experience.

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6 qualities that makes people successful

These are some qualities which make people successful:

  • Drive and Enthusiasm

All successful people have zeal, drive and enthusiasm. They are highly motivated and don’t stop until they have reached their goal. This quality of enthusiasm spreads like wild fire and people around them also bec…

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