All you need to know about the Difference Between General English and Business English

Business English and general English are very different. Many special terminologies are used in business English while General English has less use of terminologies. Also the purposes of the two differ and so does the tonality. It is important for everyone to learn Business English and for that they can enroll for Top English Speaking Institute in Gurgaon.

Business English is more advanced than general English and is used for professional purposes.

Major differences between Business English and General English: -


  • PURPOSE: –

The purpose of business English is business and a win-win cooperation while on the other hand the purpose of general English is just to convey the message as simply as possible. Thus General English has no brilliant vocab or great terminologies on the other hand it is simple, crisp and precise.



Business English is much more advanced than general English. It has its own tonality, seriousness and terminologies. Also different terminologies are used in different businesses and thus they are specific to the different businesses. On the other hand, general English is not advanced at all and is very casual and thus general English is used easily and carelessly and can also include slang at times to convey emotions. It is easy to learn general English but for Business English you have to take classes to become better.



Different businesses have different business terms. When you are using Business English then you use those terms and thus the terminologies of business English are far more complex and subjective than general English.

The terminologies used in general English will not be specific but will be general as when we have a casual conversation with our friends.



Business English has a professional tone and is used for professional purposes. While General English is used for a more casual conversation. For example, in a meeting or a presentation you will use business English while on a date or a meeting with friends you can use general English. General English is much more casual and less serious than business English.


It is very easy to become better in General English but it takes more effort to become better in Business English and to master it.

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