How Difficult Is IELTS Exam – Truth vs. Myths

People are always open to giving advice. Knowing or not knowing, fact or fake, they will keep spreading rumours without even knowing the consequences. There are lots of stories that keep floating around IELTS. So, are they myth or truth? Make sure to focus on the truths and extract all the facts from the myths. Finding out the truth is an important part before you appear for the test. So, let’s find the actual truth as per the experts from Best IELTS Online Coaching in India.

  • Myth: It is often said that IDP and British Council’s IELTS tests are not the same. Also, the difficulty level of the test depends on the country where you’re living.

Fact: IDP and British Council are two different organizations that run IELTS test. This is true! However, both the tests are created by Cambridge University. This means, the element of tests are carefully built, every time before a new test is about to come. The papers are carefully discerned to ensure same level of difficulty without focusing on the origin of country. The Cambridge University maintains consistency in every country as well as tests. Therefore, both of the platforms use the same pattern and form of test which is developed by Cambridge.

  • Myth: IELTS is too difficult

Fact: This myth is not present but past, which means IELTS exam used to be difficult. In recent times, good results can be achieved with smart considerations, learning and research. The questions are simple and designed for easy assessment of English Language. The tests are not dedicated to trick or test your opinions.

  • Myth: Finishing the section of reading is almost impossible

Fact: This is a complete fake. The reading section of IELTS is given from general newspaper, journals, real books and magazines. The context given in the exam is used for every day reading.

  • Myth: During the speaking test, if you smile and make the examiner laugh – achieving better mark will become easier.

Fact: Smiling can certainly make you relaxed and bestow the best performance. However, your behavior has nothing to do with the examiner as they are professionals and trained to monitor with close and fair watch on the candidates.

The myths are just endless and thus, you need to be on the flip side of rumors. It is suggested focusing on the study rather than additional fake points.

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