Spoken English vs Written English- basic differences one must know

There are many differences between spoken English and written English which include tonality, slang usage, body language, formality and many more.

The two are different but interrelated and thus is a good idea to have prowess and excel in both as they are both useful and necessary in their many different applications.

Here are some differences between spoken and written English: -



Spoken English is more flexible than written English. While written English tends to be more formal and structured spoken English can be less formal and more conversational.



Face to face spoken English is usually in narrative form where a conversation and information sharing is taking place while written English is more like a one sided presentation.



Spoken English is far less formal than written English and can include slangs and short forms, which are not appropriate in written English. Written English preferably is formal and direct-to the point, more like a presentation rather than a conversation.



In written English there is no scope of intonation or tonality. Also there is no body language, gestures and postures involved. Spoken English is more visual and auditory while written English is more descriptive and academic.



There is no listening which happens in written English while listening is a critical and important part of spoken English. Also factors such as emphatic listening only come in in spoken English as there is a face to face conversation which is taken place and a lot can be judged through tonality and body language.


  • SLANG: -

Slang is usually not used in written English while they are widely used in spoken English. Also the angle of rapport building comes in in spoken English which is absent in written English.



Spoken English is easy and simple to understand while written English is many times complicated and complex. Moreover, the words used in spoken English are usually simpler and there is less scope for complex vocabulary which is freely and often is used in written English. 

Thus as we can see that Spoken English and written English are pretty different but it is good to have a hold on both as they are interrelated and have different and unique usages. You can improve your Spoken English by enrolling for Top English Speaking Institute in Gurgaon.


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